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''No elegance is possible without perfume. It's the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.'' -Coco Chanel


The sweet spot to apply our perfume is right after showering, while your skin is still slightly damp. The extra moisture helps to lock in the scent. Not to mention, this will omit the risk of staining your favorite silk blouse or tarnishing your jewelry.


Beside drinking water of course, be sure to moisturize your skin before applying any perfume. Dry skin tends to absorb some of the scent, making it fade faster. Moisturized skin gives the fragrance something to adhere to so it lasts longer.


From shower gels to body lotions to oils, most of your favorite perfumes come in different forms. By wearing a few of them together, you build layers of fragrance that stick around throughout the day.


Go beyond the wrists and spritz your perfume onto warmer (and often more concealed) areas of your body, like your stomach and chest, as well as behind the knees and ears. The body heat here helps to develop the scent so the top, middle and base notes come through fully.


Though it’s second nature to want to rub your wrists together after applying perfume, resist the urge. Rubbing breaks down the top notes, leaving you with only the middle and base notes—and less wear time.


Since your skin is a living, breathing organ, it can’t hold on to scent indefinitely. Still, the tips above will ensure a much longer wear. For any life moments that fall outside of your daily activities keep a travel-size sample or rollerball  perfume in your purse for a quick refresh.


Not all scents are created equal. While citrusy fragrances tend to dissipate quickly, spicy and woodsy ones tend to linger for a while. So if longevity is your top concern, you might want to keep your fragrance within those families.


Exposure to heat and humidity breaks down the scent molecules in your perfume, so avoid stashing the bottles in the bathroom and always keep them in cool, dry areas of your home—like the top of your dresser or vanity set. 

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